Yearly contracts announcement

Yearly contracts announcement

By Ahmed Hosseiny, May 13, 2014

For the first time, overpink discloses the possibility of the Annual Commitment.

We’ve lately noticed that the clients rarely use the websites and social networks after we finish managing it. However. we understand that this happens due to the lack of time or experience of this field.

That’s why we decided that there will be annual contracts for specific number of clients that will enable us to always enhance their websites and manage their profiles on social networks along with executing the regular artwork that needed for campaigns.

After a long study of this matter, we decided to announce it, taking into consideration that prices have to be reasonable for the clients and the company. All the tasks will be done through online system that is more organizing and easy for both of parties.

Starting from today, overpink initiated sending newsletters for its clients with the possibility of letting each client applying and adding any required extra needs.



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