That’s a Real DealGamed

That’s a Real DealGamed

By Hossam Youssef, April 14, 2014

It will be a money drain if for one day you tried to buy anything through the world’s leading online stores like Amazon, EBay and BestBuy, and dealing with the shipping, taxes and customs in Egypt, not to mention the limitation of the online payment methods to most of the Egyptians.

The solution was developed by DealGamed team from Alexandria, all you need to do is to send them your request through their website, a feedback regarding the duration and fees will get back to you, let them do their jobs and you will pay on delivery!, Yeah you can now get your Polo Shoe for 350 EGP and your Guess Watch for 700 EGP delivered from USA to your home!.

We at overpink are happy to cooperate with DealGamed for their visual content through their website and social media networks hoping to do a great job together, there are a lot of competitors for DealGamed and we trust that they will gain great success for the next period.

You can find DealGamed through: . barclaycard site down .

Hossam Youssef

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