Showcase: 10 Inspiring Modern Arabic Typefaces

Showcase: 10 Inspiring Modern Arabic Typefaces

By Menna Mohsen, May 7, 2014

Arabic typography isn’t about having a good handwriting or being a good graphic designer, there always has to be practice and work more and more with  letters and you must always search in the origin of  typography in the Arabic language then you will find a style for each font ,depending on what you will use and its culture and origin,when you search for Arabic fonts you wont find much in comparison to Latin fonts and they wont be special or unique, so i tried to look for unique Arabic fonts that will inspire you.



Falak is an Arabic typeface inspired by the theme of astronomy and natural science. The font has an individual anatomy with orbital curvatures and spatial proportions.


By Mostafa EL Abasiry



Designed in adaptation with Latin font Barbie according to the rules of  kufi Satri.


By Zakariya Saleh


3.Khawaja “Arabic Myriad Pro”

His personal interest in this project was based on my experience in advertising and graphic design, and the difficulties in matching Arabic and Latin fonts.
He used the same features from Myriad Pro to create an adequate Arabic version.
This project is not published and it was school old project at Savannah Collage of Art and Design 2011.
Note: Myriad Pro is Adobe trade mark font.

By Mahmoud Alkhawaja


4.Salim Font v2.09

By Yassir  Dahass


5.Kufyan Arabic

This font support Arabic, and Latin languages in compact and well constructed typographic design.


By Ibrahim Hamdi


6. Nawar

The design of this font inspired by modern Kufi. This is an OpenType Font compatible with the various operation systems and modern software.


By Fahd Al Fraikh



Thuraya A contemporary Diwani typeface
Thuraya is an Arabic display typeface that explores a contemporary context for the complex Diwani style with maximized calligraphic features.

The research focused on the meeting point between calligraphy and type within a digital type environment and questioned the possibility of compromises on one accountor the other.

The completely curved baseline, the horizontally slanted letters and the extended character set including ligatures and alternates,
which are crucial for a harmonious calligraphic flow, are characteristics that define Thuraya. It is mainly intended for lettering purposes, headlines, logotypes and short texts. It currently exists in 2 styles: Regular and Slanted.

Thuraya was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from the Type Directors Club, TDC2 2011 and was selected as one the winning entries of ATypI’s Letter.2 competition.


By Kristyan Sarkis



Arabic font designed by Jozoor Team , working on Mac, Windows and Linux Ubuntu


By Jozoor


9.Frutiger Arabic

Designed by Lebanese designer Nadine Chahine as a companion to the Latin typeface Frutiger™ and with the consulting of Adrian Frutiger. It is based on the Kufi style but incorporates aspects of Ruqaa and Naskh in the letter form designs. This results in what could be labeled as a humanist Kufi, a Kufi style that refers to handwriting structures and slight modulation to achieve a more informal and friendly version of the otherwise highly structured and geometric Kufi styles. As with the Latin Frutiger, the design is targeted towards signage applications but is also quite suited for various applications from low resolution display devices to advertising headlines to corporate identity and branding applications. The font includes the basic Latin part of Frutiger and support for Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. It also includes proportional and tabular numerals for the supported languages.


By Nadine Chahine



Azer in Arabic means friendly, ready to assist and lend a hand. This multilingual typeface combines simple lines with careful detailing to create a serious but approachable look. website analysis seo The Arabic is a Naskh/Kufi hybrid and retains a balance between calligraphic angular cuts and unadorned construction. The Latin is a humanist sans-serif with crisp cuts based on the broad nib pen calligraphic structure and contemporary outlines. The fonts include Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Latin variants. Azer is available in five weights, ranging from a delicate thin ideal for refined headlines to a thick black perfect for chunky titles and in-text emphasis.


By Wael Morcos & Pascal Zoghbi


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