Horus The Special One

Horus The Special One

By Hossam Youssef, April 12, 2014

Unlike many photographers, Hossam Horus is “The Special One”, He developed his skills through observation, self-directed study and work experience. He is currently working as our super hero photographer at overpink, alongside his own photography projects.

You will be shocked of how he managed to reach this level of professionalism at this age, Hossam is young in age, very unique, very creative and inspirational source for many people.

This video is his first “Making of” for his last photo session (Princess of Mystery) that held at El-Madina for Performing and Digital Art.


El-Madina was founded since 2000 in Alexandria, Egypt. It Works in arts and culture through training, production, culture space’s management and for supporting artists and youth initiatives. Also seeks to create culture market for artists in Alexandria as it is one from the main culture cities in the Mediterranean.


Hossam was planning for this session so long ago, and here we go, the masks is finally available, a beautiful model is here, the lovely husky dog is under control, the great assistance by Ehab El-Demerdash, Yara Waheba and Banan Fathy was not a choice, and El-Madina walls is hosting all of the stars, On pins and needles I’m waiting for the session’s final result.








Thank you for reminding us how wondrous and beautiful the world we live in truly is, we at overpink are very proud of you Horus!

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Hossam Youssef

He is considered to be the most experienced and appreciative web developer and the creative director of overpink because of his experience in a lot of the creative fields, he always work on improving himself, but also helping the whole team to develop their knowledge that’s why he is one of the reasons behind overpink’s prosperity.

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