Eng.Magdy Abou El Enine: The Image of Persistence!

Eng.Magdy Abou El Enine: The Image of Persistence!

By Ahmed Hosseiny, April 29, 2014

And the story begins after we have signed a contract with Alex International Company, to renovate a corporate identity and brochure along with developing the website of the company.

In the first weeks, I have been dealing with Eng. Nermine regarding the editing and the information of the project. She has been the tie between me and Eng. Magdy Abou El Enine; the CEO of the company. He was sick and unable to come to work but he was following everything remotely.

One day, I have decided to meet this hidden character to get a wide-ranging view about the work and I had to go to his home. Knowing that he is sick, I thought it would be only 15 minutes-meeting to get comments about our work and I wished if he would be able to interact.

Believe it or not, the meeting lasted for 3 hours approximately which are considered to be the most important 3 hours in my life as he freed many borders.

At the beginning, after I entered his Villa in Ma’moura, he shaked hands with me and it seemed he was very sick, but once he talked I felt a great passion that has no twin.

Despite the illness that Eng.Magdy was passing through, he was fully aware of every single detail about us and the work that me myself may not remember some of them.

He firstly asked me the traditional question that any client would ask, “how it goes with the work?” and my answer was traditionally presented too, that the work isn’t that good after the revolution.

From this point, Eng.Magdy started to talk about his first concept and how he struggled when he was at our age and he started by a small project and it was growing and he was always looking for the new and achieving it, he never lost any chance, he was checking what was required by the market regardless of his circumstances. He is one of the most people I ever knew in my life who risked and was responsible for any consequences till he became one of the most important businessmen in Alexandria.

He was determined, he never wished to succeed without paying attention to his employees, he was thoughtful and he cared about the least worker. His illness never changed his self –confidence. The cancer disease destroyed him bodily but his passion stayed high, Eng.Magdy was always enthusiastic under any circumstances.

At his last visit to Germany, all doctors agreed that it is hopeless case and he only has few days to live and he was aware of that, but he was always convincing me that he is in a good condition and he insisted to work believing that being alive or dead is a matter of destiny.

I was personally ashamed of the fact that we are still young and we have always times of disappointment, and we always claim it is because of the country and the bad situations.

Each meeting with Eng.Magdy taught me a lot and it always provided me with unusual passion. His experience in many fields has no end. I never felt he was treating me as being a service provider, he always looked at me as one of the young people who are in need to his advice.

Yesterday I woke up to know he passed away after a long fight with his disease, it was very sad for me but once I remembered his words, it deeply gave me push and enthusiasm to go to work. Eng. Magdy, I will really miss you and I’m sure I will never forget the words you spoke, for sure we will meet again but I hope I will reach half what you achieved. May God bless your soul.


Ahmed Hosseiny

He is the mastermind for Overpink who is not only considered to be the boss but also a motivator. He sets goals and co-ordinates with the whole team to achieve it. Ahmed is one of the main reasons to let the company be in a very good position now.

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