Calls from Simpsons

Calls from Simpsons

By Ahmed Hosseiny, May 5, 2014

Attention please! Let’s have a break and think how interesting our job is! It is worth-reading.

It all started since we’ve got our place and dealt with the Egyptian Market. We pass through many “Comedian” situations because of the nature of our field which seems incomprehensible to many people. Thanks to the revolution that helped in increasing the level of technological awareness and it was beneficial for us too. However, here we are in 2014 and many situations happen as if we deal with “Simpsons”. It is not as funny as it seems, but it is somehow shocking.

* Below are the latest situations in 2014:

Conversation (1):

Me: Hello, how may I help you?

Customer: If you please, I want to set up an internet connection,

Me: umm.. I’m sorry, we don’t provide internet service, we offer interactive marketing solutions.

Customer: like what …?

Me: we create for you an online website for your company.

Customer: but I have to have internet connection to check my website, right?

Me: definitely!

Customer: Well, why don’t you provide me with Internet service and then we can create the website …

Me: thanks for calling, Sir! TIK!


Conversation (2):

Me: Sir, would you please provide me with your email to send you samples of the requested design?

Customer: I don’t have this email, but if we have the chance to buy it, let’s go and get it together.

Me: …. ! TIK!


Conversation (3):

Customer: Please, I want to take a quick snapshots of my products.

Me: Sorry, but it is not available today, is there a way we can take the pictures tomorrow?

Customer: I do have a smart phone with a good camera, we can go from here.

Me: definitely, No! We have to use a professional camera with special lightening equipment.

Customer: hey, my mobile has a flash option.

Me: well, enjoy your mobile, thanks for contacting us! TIK!


Conversation (4):

Me: Alo!

Caller: I checked your website and I’m wondering if you need chemical engineer,

Me: I’m sorry, do you know what company you called?

Caller: Overpink, right?

Me: …. TIK!


Conversation (5):

Me: Yes?

Caller: We work with training center and we can offer you special courses for your employees.

Me: what kind of courses?

Caller: We are specialized in web courses for latest techniques and lowest prices.

Me: Great! Any example … ?

Caller: frontpage, HTML, visual basic besides flash and dreamweaver.

Me: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat! TIK!


Conversation (6):

Me: Hello.

Customer: I need to buy an email.

Me: We can provide you with unlimited emails on whatever domain you want.

Customer: Then you can get me email on yahoo or hotmail. Right?

Me: This one, you can do it yourself. We offer you custom domain like (

Customer: Ok I agree that X is good one; we can create it on this domain. TIK!


Conversation (7):

Me: Hello, may I help you?

Caller: Do you hack facebook accounts?

Me: Sorry …..?

Caller: I want to check my fiancé’s account urgently!

Me: TIK!


Conversation (8):

Me: hello!

Caller: We sent you an offer but you didn’t reply!

Me: regarding what??

Caller: graveyards.

Me: TIK!


But we still survive! Think of the bright side of your job.

Ahmed Hosseiny

He is the mastermind for Overpink who is not only considered to be the boss but also a motivator. He sets goals and co-ordinates with the whole team to achieve it. Ahmed is one of the main reasons to let the company be in a very good position now.

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