Corniche Race

Corniche Race

By Ahmed Hosseiny, March 24, 2014

Needless to say that most of us smoke, That is why most of the people are amazed that we started to participate in sports events that take place in Alexandria. Smoking has a great effect on us and our participation in sports .

However, sports are very essential to be done from now and then. Weeks ago ,we have taken a part in an event called “The Sports Day” at San Mark School, It was an amazing day and a new experience not only for me but also for all overpink staff .

Although it was a long day but no one felt tired or exhausted because of the interesting sports games and the creative costumes that the participants were wearing .


We all were in need for such a refreshing day away from the stress we face at our work or the pressure we experience due to the political conditions in Egypt. Few days and overpink will participate again in another new event which is “The Corniche Race” .

It will be on Friday 4th of April from Quitaby Citadel to the Raml Station “M7tt Erml”.

Personally speaking , I will attend this awesomeness, not only to feel this spirit or to meet new people but also because Alexandria is so pretty in the morning as it is at night and at any time .

Finally, I would like to thank the organizers of both events,” the sports day” & “the corniche race”, Although they are young and it is not profitable for them as they don’t gain any money out of these events except for fundraising, they are so enthusiastic and active to make fabulous events to gather the youth from all Alexandria .

We as overpink like to play a role in such sports & musical events, It doesn’t matter whether this event is major or minor but the most important thing that it has goals and it aims to achieve.

Please check the cournich race event from the link below:

Waiting you there.

Ahmed Hosseiny

He is the mastermind for Overpink who is not only considered to be the boss but also a motivator. He sets goals and co-ordinates with the whole team to achieve it. Ahmed is one of the main reasons to let the company be in a very good position now.

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